An application that completes a patient history before the visit begins.


Carescribr fixes your charting problems by…

Expanding your team documentation

Patients become part of the medical team and help to better document their visit. Patients communicate things they would like to discuss before the visit starts. Carescribr gathers the visit agenda and medical history from a secure, user-friendly HIPAA-compliant iPad in your waiting room. With this approach patients are more prepared and organized to see their doctor (see recent study).


Using common terms in the patient’s language

Patients help cut back on your EMR clicks by using a simple interface to collect their history. Carescribr organizes the patient’s responses into a readable pre-visit plan and template for your visit note. Your patients create their visit note simultaneously while you are spending time with other patients. It's like staffing multiple scribes for a fraction of the cost.

Presenting the plan beforehand

A pre-visit plan is the best antidote to a potentially chaotic visit with overly full agenda (see why it helps here). The Carescribr clinical report presents the pre-visit plan including the patient’s agenda, history of present illness and past medical history. You and your staff now have the information needed to execute on your care plan. Best of all, no more surprise symptoms at the end of your visits!


Giving you more time, face-to-face with patients

Each patient is unique and no visit is the same. Carescribr streamlines your documentation so you can dedicate your time and skills to treating patients face-to-face. Bring back your joy in practice by doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.