A charting application that actually fits with your workflow.

Forget costly scribes.

Let patients write your notes.

The Problem: 

Charting in EMRs That Were Not Designed for Primary Care

Is charting getting in the way of your meaningful work?   You are not alone.  

Primary care providers often cite charting and order entry to be the largest contributors to burnout and poor job satisfaction.

Visualizing waiting room progress

While patients fill in their information staff can see their progress and make patient rooming a top priority.

Knowing the plan beforehand

Cut back on your EMR clicks. Carescribr organizes the patient history and puts the kiosk interview into your note. It's like staffing multiple scribes for a fraction of the cost.

Giving you more time with patients

Now with less documentation to do you can dedicate more time discussing the treatment plan.

Expanding your team documentation

Patients provide their medical history on a user-friendly HIPAA-compliant iPad. Patients become part of the medical team and help to better document their visit.

fixes your charting problems by...

Primary care practice is challenging, but documenting it shouldn't be. 

Chaotic visits & Overfull Agendas

Organized & Satisfied Patients

Box checking & EMR-facing visits 

Carescribr removes the frustrations so you can get back to helping your patients.

Patient-facing & Enjoyable Visits 

Long nights finishing notes 

Free time with family and friends

Finding Joy in Practice

Simply The Best

Carescribr helps you...

  • Document long, complicated acute and chronic disease visits
  • Efficiently screen for developmental delays
  • Capture your clinical quality measures
  • Perform all recommended and age-specific USPSTF preventive screenings
  • Identify and assist in helping vulnerable patients through optional screenings for social determinants of health
  • Communicate better with your Spanish-speaking patients with a full Spanish interface
  • And more!

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